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   Dec 06

Feeling Like Giving Up in a Financial Crisis

It would be easy to give up and not even keep trying when in a financial crisis. When it seems like no matter what you do to save money and pay your bills, you still have no money and are still behind and it is impossible to get out of your crisis. You may fail, […]

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   Nov 24

You ARE More

A financial crisis is rarely the result of one event or choice. It is a lot of little choices like not saving money or buying things you don’t really need. A loss of job, illness, car problems, etc. can be the knock out blow. It is those little things that lead up to the final […]

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   Nov 11

Contributing to a Financial Crisis

It is easy to beat ourselves up during a financial crisis and be distracted with “I should have….” and “I could have….” and “I wish I would have….” You do need to reflect back, figure out how you got to where you are so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes over and over again, […]

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